Jean McGrath, My Platform

Improving Education

  1. Create a student-centric organization that increases graduation rates from 4% to 80%.
    When asked about his proudest accomplishment, Michael Crow, President of ASU said:
    "We have transformed the culture to be student-centric and committed the university to focus on the outcome and success of our community."  
    The community college needs to follow his lead and organize around students not faculty
  2. Create a single system-wide Higher Learning Commission accreditation; eliminate separate faculty-centric college accreditation
  3. Increase adjunct faculty pay to align with ASU; reducing the inequity between full-time residential faculty and adjunct faculty
  4. Boost career & technical education graduation rates from 10% to 80%
    -  Adopt badges and micro certificates as primary credentials that require 6-15 credits instead of 60
    -  Eliminate unnecessary courses, reducing time and cost to obtain a degree
    -  Change curriculum to focus on workplace skills

Lowering Tuition

  1. Improve Student Return on Investment - eliminate extra courses from degree requirements
  2. Increase efficiencies by promoting outsourcing of services
  3. Eliminate waste
    -  Consolidate campuses with low enrollment and high costs
    -  Consolidate programs by creating regional centers of excellence
  4. Promote transparency in governance

Reducing Taxes

  1. Eliminate the need for future General Obligation Bonds taxes by funding capital from existing revenues, cost efficiencies and annual surpluses
  2. Use unspent State sales tax monies, about $20+million, for career & technical education programs
  3. No need for general State funding; allows State to increase support to K-12 education
  4. Adopt an employee early retirement program that would encourage faculty and staff who are within 3 years of Medicare eligibility to retire early. MCCCD would pay for medical insurance for a period up to 3 years. This program can create annual savings between $9-18 million